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School Placement Consultancy

Cicero Education are specialists in independent school placement with a passion for British education. Our school consultants are skilled at understanding the needs of the individual and matching appropriate schools to the children they meet.

Happiness is the key to a successful education and our experts understand the key differences between the independent schools. There are so many excellent schools to choose from, each with their own specialities and particular strengths, but it is essential that you are able to choose the best fit for your child(ren).

We look at the child’s individual needs, interests and talents and take the stress and worry away from you, the parents, as we recommend the most suitable schools for your child(ren).

Completely independent, impartial advice on school placement choices is given.


For any families that are relocating, either within or from outside the UK, we are able to discuss with you the key decisions about where you will live, and which school is best for your child(ren).

We provide an association with John D Wood estate agents to help families with their relocation needs and assistance to find your ideal home.

Relocation assistance for families within companies is another service that we provide. Your child’s wellbeing is at the heart of every decision that we make as we work to find the best school for your child.

All of our advice about school placement is objective and unbiased.

Types of School

“Life is nothing without friendship”

Whether you are choosing an independent Prep school, Senior school or through-school, our school consultants will assist you to find the most suitable school for your child(ren).

There are different types of schooling to consider:-

  • Do you want a day school, and is wraparound care important? 
  • Would you prefer a boarding school – weekly or full? 
  • Is location the key or is this reasonably flexible?
  • Are you looking for a school with a particular religious affiliation? 
  • Are sport / drama / music / arts / sciences / co-curricular / SEND provisions a major factor with your decision?
  • Do you want a school that focuses on academic success or one that is? 

There are three options available:-

  1. Consultancy advice

    We offer a consultation, which can be held in person at Fetcham Park or online via Teams with a school consultant, in which we discuss your preferences regarding location, type of school, age of school entry, school entry requirements etc and look at the various options available to you within that remit. We answer any questions that you may have regarding what may be best for your child(ren)’s education.

    A brief questionnaire needs to be completed prior to this initial consultation.

  1. School Search

    After the initial consultation we would need to meet with your child(ren) to get a feel for their interests and preferences and would assess them using a brief assessment.
    Once we have all the information that we need we would then consider the most appropriate schools and feedback in a report detailing our findings, suggesting a shortlist of 3-5 schools that would be suitable, along with our reasoning. You would then be able to make the arrangements to visit those schools and take the process over.

  2. School Identification

    This is the complete package. We would take the information from the school search, and we arrange the school visits for you, drawing up a list of key questions for you to ask the Head. (Accompanying you to these school visits is an additional option.) Once you have visited the schools, your school consultant will discuss your preferred option and assist you with the application process.

If you would like further information about our School Placement packages, please contact us by telephone on 01372 371035 or use our contact form.

Customer Reviews

A calm and thoughtful person with a terrific sense of humour, Jim understands the pressures on parents, pupils and schools and is able to offer a wide range of help and advice, something I appreciated first hand when working with Jim for over 10 years.

Chris Calvey
IAPS Head & ISI Inspector

Jim has an excellent knowledge of the education system, what constitutes great teaching and learning and the myriad of factors that influence a successful education.

Catherine G