Private Tuition

“What nobler employment, or more valuable to the state, than that of those who instruct the rising generation”

Private tuition with specialism in rebuilding confidence within Maths, English & French, and preparing children for entrance & public examinations:
11+; SATs; Common Entrance; GCSEs.

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How our private tuition works

Whether your child is preparing for a national examination or an entrance assessment, low on confidence and needing a boost, feeling as though they have fallen behind due to the disruption of Covid, relocating from abroad and has fallen behind the British system, or needing to re-take an exam, we offer tuition of the highest level to allow your child to realise their potential.
We offer a flexible timetable enabling sessions to take place in evenings, on weekends or during the holidays and remember all of the private tutors are experienced and qualified teachers who understand how to get the best out of your child.

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Entrance Tests

We offer tuition for children who are preparing to take entrance assessments for their choice of Senior school.



Preparation for national examinations can be stressful and children often benefit from some assistance with their revision. We offer expert tuition to allow your child to feel confident about tackling the revision and thus entering the examination with increased self-confidence.



Are you returning from abroad and concerned that your child has fallen behind? We offer tuition with private tutors for children who need to catch up.


1 to 1

Our preference is for face-to-face sessions as we feel that this maximises the improvement for the students. However, online lessons may be offered to those who are too far away to visit our base in Fetcham Park. Whether the lessons are online or face to face, the emphasis is on providing the best service for each individual child.

Customer Reviews

cicero education five star review

Jim is patient and understands stages of development and the processes involved in learning.

Catherine G
cicero education five star review

Jim manages to empower students with his knowledge and seems to understand just what they need.

Clare K