We run events to enlighten parents, teachers & students on various aspects of education to help our children thrive.

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Understanding children's needs and the challenges they face is vital for parents, teachers and students alike. There are many topics that children need support with and plenty of these areas are difficult to comprehend, as the pressures our children are under have changed significantly since we were young.

At Cicero Education, we aim to give you the latest guidance on a wide range of subjects to enable you to speak with confidence with your children on many topics. Our workshops, presentations and talks are aimed at parents, teachers or students and cover topics such as wellbeing & personal development; the university process; finding the best school  for your child.

If there are any other themes that you would like us to cover, then please contact us and we will endeavour to find an appropriate expert to run the course for you.

To find out further information about all of our services, please contact us.

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