Wellbeing & Personal Development
6:00 pm
7:00 pm
Fetcham Park

Help your Child to Thrive and Succeed

Find out how to support your child to achieve their full potential and be their happiest self.

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Cicero Education would like to introduce you to Tracey Trotter,  a Leadership Coach and Change Consultant guiding leaders, teachers, parents and pupils into developing a growth mindset, maintaining resilience, building confidence and eliminating fear with tools and techniques for living their best life.

Tracey will be delivering a talk at Fetcham Park to introduce you to a tool called The CORE Matrix®, which will help you to understand, and help your child/pupil understand, how they tick; how to build strategies to manage their study and wellbeing better and how to know when to ask for help. How to make the most of their learning and find success in whatever they do. Complimentary to additional tuition where needed, this support package can help your child/pupils make good choices and be the best version of themselves, successful and happy.

The CORE Matrix®, is a tried and tested approach, developed by RDPI, to allow individuals to understand which of the four main personality ‘styles’ they lean towards most. It supports them to appreciate their natural strengths, channel these strengths in their day to day life, understand how they see the world, and how the world sees them. The CORE Matrix® has supported thousands of adults in all sectors for many years and Tracey is delighted to be able to provide this important tool for young people, allowing them to get ahead of the game and set them up for success in their school and career journeys, and far beyond.

Come along to hear Tracey's story and all about how your children/pupils can thrive and succeed in all areas of their life.

To learn more about Tracey Trotter and the CORE Matrix® Personal Profile


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